Meet Lynne

Barbara Lloyd did an amazing job of helping me to turn my life around!
Knowing I had heart disease and needing to make changes, I reached out to Barb to learn about her services.

I was quite skeptical at first, but three cardiac stent implants and a diabetes diagnosis later, I am now a non-smoker, I eat vegetables and work out almost daily. I have a new, positive outlook about taking care of myself. I wouldn’t have gotten here without Barb. I will be following, and working with Barb again!! I would recommend Barb Lloyd to anyone who is looking for help to fine tune their health. Her knowledge, care and intuition is amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Barb!

Lynne H. 

Meet Dina

After having 2 daughters and losing my marriage, I gained a lot of weight. Troubled with depression and low in self confidence, I could not sustain any weight loss efforts.

During Barb's 12-week health transformation program, I learned so much! I knew that losing weight was about more than calories in and calories out because I was not a big eater. Understanding about the impact of certain foods as well as what stress does for weight loss efforts was a true revelation. I ended up losing 18 lbs, my energy increased and my mood was much more positive. The weekly discussions allowed me to evaluate aspects of my life that are underserved in an effort to become nourished in all areas. 


With Barb on my team, transformation occurred. I am an empowered woman with a positive outlook, continuing the transformation journey. I feel I have a solid foundation for ongoing change because of Barb's authentic support, education and influence. My friends, family and colleagues have noticed a big change in me and I feel like I can once again smile from my heart. 


Dina M.

Tel: 289-338-6692 

Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada  L0G 1M0

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Here's How I can Help ...

One of the things I noticed pretty early on in my career was that a lot of health programs were simply templates.

So what you received was what someone else received. There was no customization to it.


The essence of who “you” are and what your goals are did not matter.

One of my founding tenets of this business was to not use a cookie cutter program for all of my clients.

With 30+ years of being in the front line of hospital care and holistic health coaching… I knew that tailoring my services for each of my clients was key to their success.

Here's the Stuff you Really Want to Know ...

1. We’ll meet weekly for 60-minutes at a time. We’ll pick a set day and time that works for us and go for 12 weeks. They are also super fun, engaging, and enlightening! They are way more fun than a typical check up!

2. I will support you in person (if local), by phone, or Skype. I’m flexible.

3. During our time together we’ll focus on moving forward and toward our goals. I’ll do whatever it takes to support you in over-coming the tough spots. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and motivator because I know that we can reach your goals.​


Cool Information about My Programs

1. In order for you to reach your goals AND keep your goals we can’t just focus on quick short-term fixes. This is why my coaching includes showing you tools, habits, and tricks to make lasting changes.

2. Food is the foundation of health, but we’ll cover so much more in our sessions together. We’ll talk about things like movement, sleep, and social/support relationships to name a few.

3. No one likes to be dull and boring. This is why our sessions will be positive and compassionate. We’ll also bring a sense of curiosity to our time together. We’ll move forward by having a good time.

4. We’ll have the same priorities and be on the same page. That is why I will meet you where you are, and help you move forward to create healthy routines that last!


So Here's What to do Next ...

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Step into the best version of you.

Step into your power.

Step into your spotlight.

Then,,, step into your magnificent future!!


It is there waiting for you!    

After all, this is YOUR time!!

SAY YES to your Health Transformation Now.   

It will change your life.  :)