Meet Lynne

Barbara Lloyd did an amazing job of helping me to turn my life around!
Knowing I had heart disease and needing to make changes, I reached out to Barb to learn about her services.

I was quite skeptical at first, but three cardiac stent implants and a diabetes diagnosis later, I am now a non-smoker, I eat vegetables and work out almost daily. I have a new, positive outlook about taking care of myself. I wouldn’t have gotten here without Barb. I will be following, and working with Barb again!! I would recommend Barb Lloyd to anyone who is looking for help to fine tune their health. Her knowledge, care and intuition is amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Barb!

Lynne H. 

Meet Dina

After having 2 daughters and losing my marriage, I gained a lot of weight. Troubled with depression and low in self confidence, I could not sustain any weight loss efforts.

During Barb's 12-week health transformation program, I learned so much! I knew that losing weight was about more than calories in and calories out because I was not a big eater. Understanding about the impact of certain foods as well as what stress does for weight loss efforts was a true revelation. I ended up losing 18 lbs, my energy increased and my mood was much more positive. The weekly discussions allowed me to evaluate aspects of my life that are underserved in an effort to become nourished in all areas. 


With Barb on my team, transformation occurred. I am an empowered woman with a positive outlook, continuing the transformation journey. I feel I have a solid foundation for ongoing change because of Barb's authentic support, education and influence. My friends, family and colleagues have noticed a big change in me and I feel like I can once again smile from my heart. 


Dina M.

Tel: 289-338-6692 

Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada  L0G 1M0

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Free Discovery Session

You know what’s frustrating? When you’ve been suffering from an illness or health issue and feel as though you’ve done your job – sought out a professional to help you – only to find yourself in the same place you were before.


But with more frustrations and possibly more intense symptoms. That's exactly why I offer free discovery sessions. You might be wondering what a “discovery session” is… so let me answer that question first.


We’ll spend about 45 minutes together and just talk. There’s no pressure or obligation for you to become a client of mine or do anything at all. We just connect and talk about you. What you’re feeling like, what’s going onwith you, and what your goals look like. Then, if you’d like, I’ll share my personal approach to health coaching and why it works – especially for those that have already tried other things and saw zero results.

Others that have taken me up on this free session have gained some insights and revelations that help them along their path to feeling better and getting back to their life. After all, feeling better and getting back to your normal life are often-times the 2 biggest goals my clients have.

We can do our session together in person, over the phone, or even on Skype. I’m flexible. If you think you’d like to see what I am all about or how I might be able to help you, please fill in the form below and we’ll schedule our 45 minutes together.

Looking forward to knowing you 

Cut the Cravings with the 72-hour Sugar Detox Challenge

Are you looking to kickstart your health journey? If so, this short program is just the thing to get you in the mindset of being more aware of the food you consume. This is important because food is the foundation of health! 


Sugar is an inflammatory food and is known to be a source of many diseases. We are eating more sugar today than ever before and many are actually addicted to it! Sugar turns on the pleasure centres of the brain just like other addictive substances like cocaine.

This 3-day program provides you with meal plans, recipes and information to introduce and support your ability to cut your cravings and carb intake.