Meet Lynne

Barbara Lloyd did an amazing job of helping me to turn my life around!
Knowing I had heart disease and needing to make changes, I reached out to Barb to learn about her services.

I was quite skeptical at first, but three cardiac stent implants and a diabetes diagnosis later, I am now a non-smoker, I eat vegetables and work out almost daily. I have a new, positive outlook about taking care of myself. I wouldn’t have gotten here without Barb. I will be following, and working with Barb again!! I would recommend Barb Lloyd to anyone who is looking for help to fine tune their health. Her knowledge, care and intuition is amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Barb!

Lynne H. 

Meet Dina

After having 2 daughters and losing my marriage, I gained a lot of weight. Troubled with depression and low in self confidence, I could not sustain any weight loss efforts.

During Barb's 12-week health transformation program, I learned so much! I knew that losing weight was about more than calories in and calories out because I was not a big eater. Understanding about the impact of certain foods as well as what stress does for weight loss efforts was a true revelation. I ended up losing 18 lbs, my energy increased and my mood was much more positive. The weekly discussions allowed me to evaluate aspects of my life that are underserved in an effort to become nourished in all areas. 


With Barb on my team, transformation occurred. I am an empowered woman with a positive outlook, continuing the transformation journey. I feel I have a solid foundation for ongoing change because of Barb's authentic support, education and influence. My friends, family and colleagues have noticed a big change in me and I feel like I can once again smile from my heart. 


Dina M.

Tel: 289-338-6692 

Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada  L0G 1M0

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How My Auto-Immune Disease Took Me From Tired and Sick to Feeling Fabulous and Helping Others!

Hi there! My name is Barbara Lloyd and this is my personal story of how I went from working in a hospital for 30 years to becoming a certified health coach and finally realizing true health. 

It is a critical piece of my story because I was in an unhealthy place for long time (even though I thought I was being healthy) and once I jumped on board the holistic, natural solutions train and acted on what my body was telling me instead of the outside world, things looked a whole lot brighter. If embracing natural health did this for me, then maybe you can have the same success!  

One summer during my university days. You can see I have a fuller face with classic inflammation signs with redness across cheeks and nose (I always wondered what that was from!) 

My Boys: Grayson, Merrick and Quinn

In the midst of heightened 

Hashimoto's, I have extra weight and ongoing inflammation.

 My sister and I after her breast cancer treatmen

My mom and her 3 kids spending a few days together after my brother's ALS diagnosis 

Me at Southbeach in Miami at Health Coach Conference in April 2017.






In high school I started to have a weight issue that would last decades. I would go up and down 20 pounds. Even though it wasn't a lot of weight, it really  affected how I felt about myself.  I was very self conscious about the extra weight. On one occasion, I fasted for 10 days consuming only tea and water! I decided that I wasn't going to eat again until I lost the weight! Needless to say, when I ate again, the weight (and more) went right back on. I had food binges.  My weight was a steady yo-yo and I was pretty hard on myself for it being this way. 


After high school, I wanted to explore new horizons with higher education away from home.  I started out training as a speech therapist (because I had speech therapy myself in grade 2), but then transitioned and completed a physical therapy degree. My weight continued to fluctuate for my 6 years at university despite efforts to eat healthier and exercise. In hindsight, my yogurt and whole grain foods were not serving me well at all... and actually accelerated health issues for me.




When I started my career in a hospital, I was working hard and playing hard. Shortly after graduation, I was diagnosed with low thyroid and put on medication to 'replace' the missing thyroid supply.  All I really knew about low thyroid was that it made you gain weight and was happy to finally get something to boost my metabolism. I had no idea that other things I was feeling were related to my thyroid issue. No one told me and I didn't research it myself.  I met my husband at the hospital, got married and before I knew it, had 3 handsome sons. 

Busy with a demanding career and our busy boys' activities, life was hectic most of the time. Usually we would get home from work, have a quick meal and then be out the door to the arena or baseball diamond.  I was certainly not looking after myself; instead, I was deferred to playing my 'roles': mom, wife, sister, friend and professional. 'My time' would come down the road.  Looking back, I recognize that had I really taken care of myself then that my family would have had my better self.

















As time went on, I found myself fatigued, always cold and sleeping poorly. With my busy schedule, I always rationalized my symptoms away.  While I was doing this, my thyroid condition was silently progressed with right nodule growth and  testing showed it was cancer on the right side. I was convinced that removing the entire gland was the best option.  Against my better judgement, I conceded to the doctor (as I only wanted the right half removed).The lab report came back showing negative for cancer and positive for hashimotos' thyroiditis (auto immune and inflamed thyroid). Ultimately, my thyroid was removed unnecessarily!

My family members had their health issues mom had breast cancer and now has Alzheimers, my brother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerig's disease) and died after 2 years at the age of 48, and my sister had cervical and breast cancer (with mastectomy and chemo).







My sister and I decided to take a holistic nutrition course. At first I didn't believe the information because it conflicted with my conventional medicine training and many years of hospital experience but then some things began to resonate. I allowed my mind to open up and this is where my journey took a turn.  I suddenly became super intrigued about this topic and signed up for numerous online health seminars online featuring international experts. (I'm sure I started to bore my friends and family with how much I kept talking about all the fabulous things I was learning.. and of course sharing health tips for them! ). This stuff was really stirred a passion inside me! I started putting these practices into place and was inspired and revitalized within. I shed weight witithout working at it; my energy blossomed; I reclaimed mental clarity. I seriously felt better than ever! These natural approaches really worked!!  I could now see the systemic gaps in conventional medicine and saw huge value in integrating natural, root cause solutions to obtain true health and quality of life. 

I had been feeling disenchanted at my hospital job for a while (due to policies, practices and processes that I felt did not make sense for patients and the front line staff). For this reason, I took an opportunity to leave and become a certified health coach.  It was such a great change from the work of  a 'diet' to a way of living day in and day out. I could feel the passion and purpose reappear in my life as well a sense of freedom. I knew I had made the right decision.


My personal missions now is to serve other busy people dealing with the challenges of low thyroid/hashimotos', auto-immune illness or diabetes. It is possible to slow, stop or reverse these conditions with natural solutions that integrate with conventional medicine. My years of experience in a hospital and natural health training allow me to support and navigate a person across the entire health care system. I don't want anyone else to have to lose body parts unnecessarily! Using root cause natural strategies that promote healing of the body and keep future disease at bay is both powerful and possible!

Healing Myself was SO Empowering!

Before we get started, there are 3 things you need to know about me....

1. I am 'ALL IN' when it comes to helping my clients succeed,,, across the entire healthcare journey and not just in health-related areas. I'm talking succeed 'in life'. (believe it or not, its all connected!)

2.  I am totally 100% committed to being your partner on this journey by getting to know you, what you like and don't like, and what is really important to you to support your health vision.--not kiddin'

3. I believe in advocating for the health and well being of all people, animals (except maybe black flies and mosquitoes), and our amazing planet. I am a small piece of the change that I want to see in the world.